NFL Rundown

In Case You Missed It…

                The KC Chiefs falter in the Big D, losing 28-17. Neither QB had a particularly bad day in terms of stats, even though everyone was worried about Alex Smith because he had never played in Dallas before. Though, Zeke Elliot had a far better day than Kareem Hunt, rushing for 97 yards and 2 TDs on 27 carries. I really thought the Chiefs could have pulled out a win in Dallas, but the defense was too much for Hunt. KC still leads their division, while Dallas sits in second place in theirs.

                The 49ers are still winless…no surprise there. I was personally hoping that Stanton would just hand the 49ers the W, but he actually played a decent game. It looks like the Niners have just about reached Cleveland Browns status.  Only difference: the Niners have a potential QB of the future in Jimmy G, while the Browns are still trying to figure it out (something they’ve been doing for what feels like a decade).

                The Redskins stunned the Seahawks 17-14, with Cousins driving his team 70 yards in 35 seconds. Kelley capped off the drive with a 1 yard TD run to take the lead. Wilson was unable to drive his Seahawks with 59 seconds left, and the game ended on an incomplete pass from the Washington 46 yard line. This was a poorly played game by the Seahawks, who were shutout in the second and third quarter (but I have to give props to the Washington defense). The Seahawks have been a bit inconsistent: they beat SF by only 3, scoring only one TD; they blew out the Colts 46-18; they lost to the Titans, giving up 21 points in the third quarter; they only beat LA by 6, even though the Rams fumbled twice and Goff threw 2 INTs; and they barely beat the Texans 41-38. My point: even though they won some of those close games, you still expect so much more from this team.

                The Panthers shocked the crap out of me by winning their second game at home! They defeated the Falcons 20-17, with Cam leading the team in rushing (9 carries, 86 yards, 1 TD). I guess we can expect a happy week of press conferences with the media and Titanic analogies (he does know it sank right?). Of course, no one likes to lose AND give a press conference, but that doesn’t mean you can act like an adolescent. We’ve seen it more than we can count: Cam sulks on the sidelines and gets snippy with the press during losses. This guy is basically a toddler in a grown man’s body who throws a tantrum when things don’t go his way (immaturity at its finest). But for now he’s all smiles, and ready to take the questions of Carolina reporters.


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