Mike McCarthy: Is He Worth the Cheddar?

It’s another disappointing loss for the Green Bay Packers, their second game without star QB Aaron Rodgers(technically third since he didn’t finish that game against the Vikings). The Lions roared into Lambeau and won 30-17, with Matthew Stafford throwing for 361 yards and 2TDs. In the same game, Stafford threw his 200th career TD in 117 games (sixth fastest in NFL history) and the fourth in NFL history to have that many before turning 30, behind Marino, P. Manning and Favre.

Though, the real story here is Green Bay. They are 0-3 without Rodgers and Brett Hundley is 0-2 as the starter. When Rodgers initially went down with a broken collarbone, McCarthy was asked about maybe bringing in Kaepernick. He yelled at the reporter, saying he already addressed his QB situation. He basically said he was content with their QB situation and he had faith in Hundley moving forward. Hundley has thrown for 489 yards, 1 TD and 4 INTs since taking over the Green Bay offense.

But hold on, let’s not gang up on Hundley. Coming in to back up Aaron Rodgers comes with a lot of pressure. Plus, blame cannot be thrown on this kid when McCarthy is the one who carries the title of head coach. This is not the first time we have witnessed a losing streak without Rodgers in at QB. In 2013, he went down with a similar injury, only this time it was a fractured left clavicle. The team was 5-2, but fell to 5-6-1 with Matt Flynn at QB and McCarthy as head coach. It seems the absence of Rodgers is exposing McCarthy for what he really is: a crappy coach. If he were worth the money, he’d be able to make Hundley look like a superstar and in effect, win some games. A great coach can make anyone look good with the right play calls.

Aaron Rodgers IS the Green Bay Packers. His magic on offense makes up for the poor defense that this team has been trying to pass off as stable for years. When you rely that heavily on ONE player you are bound to fail (the Titanic analogy that Newton used would definitely be better suited for this team). Maybe it’s time for a change in Green Bay, because right now the only thing they should be taking pride in is their cheese.


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