Valid Streak? Not According to Brad

The Celtics have won 15 straight games after defeating the Atlanta Hawks 110-99 on Saturday night. It started off just like any other game: a few early baskets, then came the struggle. Shots just weren’t falling for the Cs and they kept getting called for three-second violations. Meanwhile, the Hawks were hitting every one of their shots (contested or not) and at one point, they were up 16.

But of course, Kyrie and Jaylen do what they do best: rally. Irving scored 30 points (as the masked man) while Brown had a career-high 27. Al Horford had a rough game, going 3-11 (1-5 from three) with just 7 points. It was okay though, because Marcus Morris contributed 10 of his 14 points in the second quarter to bring the Cs within six, and Jayson Tatum added 14 of his own (along with TWO MONSTER DUNKS).

Yes, they keep winning but according to head coach Brad Stevens, this streak isn’t as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. I mean, obviously if you’re a fan you’d say “What?! Why not? Winning this many games in a row isn’t easy, so it has to mean something, right?” Well, Brad’s reasoning is simple: they haven’t been playing well. They find ways to pull out the win, but there hasn’t been any consistency. As I mentioned earlier, the Cs always start off on a short scoring run, struggle for a while, go on another scoring run to tie/get close, then Kyrie comes in the fourth and closes it out. It’s great to see your team win, but there needs to be some more consistency throughout. But it’s a young team with a lot of energy and heart, led by a more than qualified coach (who should get Coach of the Year! He honestly should have gotten it last year but was robbed). I’m not worried, and neither should any other Celtics fan.

The Celtics travel to Dallas to play the Mavericks on Monday night @ 8:00, looking for their 16th win. Don’t miss it!


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