Seahawks Fall to the Falcons

To Seahawks fans all around the world… I would say I feel your pain but I don’t because my kicker(s) have never missed a game-tying or game-winning field goal (at least I can’t remember a time when Patriots kickers did). But let’s recap the whole game:

Matt Ryan and the Falcons soared into Century Link and showed the 12th man that they were not afraid. In the first quarter, Coleman rushed for a TD and Ryan connected with Sanu to go up 14-0 before Russell and Graham connected for their own four yard pass. By halftime, it was 24-17 after a fumble return and field goal by Atlanta and a rushing TD and field goal by Seattle.

Then came the second half, where Atlanta really struggles; they just have such a hard time closing out games. Blair Walsh hit a couple of field goals to give the Seahawks 23 points, but Ryan and Bryant added another 10 points to give the Falcons a 34-23 lead. Of course, Wilson was able to march his team down the field and convert on a TD and two-point conversion to make it 34-31. Atlanta got the ball back and had a disappointing drive that ended in a punt. Seattle get the ball back, goes down the field, and… Blair Walsh misses the only field goal that REALLY mattered. He’s been having a rough time lately, validating Minnesota’s decision to release him and making the Seahawks regret giving him a chance.

Now, this puts Atlanta and Seattle at 6-4. Seattle is now one game behind the Rams and Atlanta is two games behind in the division. They’re considered to be ‘in the hunt’ I guess, because  you really never know what’s going to happen over the next six weeks. But the Falcons shouldn’t be too excited; they still REALLY need to work on closing out games. They did score in the second half this time so I’ll give them that, but their defense needs to tighten up if they do want to try and sneak in as a wild card. Giving up 30+ points isn’t going to get you very far, especially with the teams that are leading divisions in the NFC right now.

But Seattle fans, do not fear. You may get your shot at the division again before the regular season is over. The Rams have the Saints, Eagles and you guys over the next four weeks, arguably one of the toughest remaining schedules I’ve ever seen. I mean, you guys have the Eagles coming up too, but the rest of your games should be winnable.

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