Drama and Disappointment in the Big D

What is happening to America’s team? On Thanksgiving Day, they lost to the San Diego Chargers 28-6… at home! This is the third straight game they have lost, and the third straight time Dak’s performance has been less than satisfactory.

I think everyone expected this after the team lost Ezekiel Elliot to that six-game suspension. He is a key part of the offense that gives it the balance it needs, so that Dak can go out there and do his thing through the air. They also got a break when they were without left tackle Tyron Smith and linebacker Sean Lee. The defense didn’t have its heart and Dak lost his protection. As a result, they lost to the Falcons 27-7, then to the Eagles 37-9 and again yesterday 28-6. But we all were at least hoping that this last game would be different, with Tyron Smith back at left tackle. Unfortunately, they then lost right guard Zack Martin, which didn’t help.

The Cowboys are struggling, but how much blame can you put on the players? Or should we be looking at the guy who should have been fired a LONG time ago: head coach Jason Garrett. It’s clear the coaching staff has a hard time making adjustments when key players aren’t available; but great coaches are able to work with what they have, finding ways to use players on their roster that best helps the team (he should take some pointers from Belichick). Bottom line: the dependence on Zeke and Dak has now completely shifted to Dak, and that is too much for a QB in his second year to handle. What else did they expect? That he would throw passes to himself? It’s utterly ridiculous that Garrett has kept his job all these years. I mean, anyone can have a success with players like Dak and Zeke. But the real test is seeing what you can do when you don’t have those pieces. And remember, players can’t execute if the play calling sucks.

Oh but of course, there are always other distractions in Dallas with Jerry Jones as the owner. Although his fight against the commissioner’s extension is valid, he has definitely gone about it the wrong way. First of all, he made it about Zeke and his suspension. He began taking jabs on the radio station and orchestrated that whole Papa John’s statement, which basically called out Goodell as the reason for  declining pizza sales (and really, overall NFL interests). Let’s be real, Jerry Jones is just mad because Goodell is not being the patsy was hired to be. And since Goodell’s actions have now personally effected his team, Jones is NOT letting that fly. So like all bullies do, he went to round up his posse in order put an end to Goodell’s ‘tyrannical reign’. But Jones just kept pushing and pushing, until his posse realized how dangerous his actions were to the NFL (and their money). Now, Jones is trying a gentler but stern approach by urging EVERY owner to consider the extension, not just the six that are on the committee.

It’s never-ending drama in Dallas and it’s negatively affecting this team. With a 5-6 record plus their remaining opponents, I don’t see any ‘bouncing back’ this season, especially with the way they’ve been playing.

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