Super Bowl Rematch

The Eagles are getting a chance at redemption for their Super Bowl XXXIX loss to the Patriots. Although this is their 3rd trip overall, the fact that they get another chance at Brady makes it even sweeter for them. With about a week left before the big game, let’s quickly recap both teams’ journeys.

Pat’s Path to SBsb nation

Most will say the Patriots got lucky in their pursuit of making it back to the SB. In the regular season, they got a lot of calls to go their way, like three overturned TDs called against their opponents. Then in the postseason, they were fortunate enough to get the Titans and the Jaguars. But let’s be real, the Jaguars WERE a challenge and unlike any defense they had been up against all season. In the end, the Jags committed too many penalties and Brady took advantage. After losing Gronkowski, Amendola and Cooks came up big for this team. And let’s not forget the defense, who stepped up in the second half and held the Jags to just 6 points. It was a hard fought, well deserved win by the Pats no matter what Max Kellerman has to say.

Eagle’s Path to SBphilly

The only reason the Eagles even made it into the playoffs was because of Carson Wentz. Fortunately for them, he played long enough to get them the number one seed, home field advantage and a bye. And just like everyone else, I wrote them off as ‘one and done’ with Foles at QB. I mean, it was just the logical thing to assume considering how he played down the stretch to close out the season. And his performance against the Falcons… all he did was ‘manage’ that game. But when Minnesota came to town, a miracle happened. Foles was out there looking like Wentz! They defeated Minnesota in a blowout, exposing their defense and proving to be Keenum’s kryptonite. The Eagles were great in all facets of that game, proving that being the underdog can be a source of motivation instead of an insult.

Who Wins It All?

In the regular season, the Patriots led the league in total offense with 394.2 yards per game. The Eagles were 4th in total defense, holding opponents to an average of 306.5 yards. Now, Tom Brady was able to defeat the #2 overall defense (and #1 passing defense) in the Jaguars, so I think he can handle the Eagles. Though, Philly did have the #1 run defense so they got that going for them. But really, I just don’t see Foles pulling off another performance like the one in the NFC Championship Game. Though, even if he is able to get going early, that New England defense is notorious for taking away all hope in the second half. As a New England native, I’m obviously going to take the Patriots. They have the QB, the coach and the defense to pull off the win. Plus with Patricia and McDaniels on their way out, they’ll all want to win together one last time.


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