Farewell Amendola

After taking pay cuts just to stay in New England, I guess enough was enough. It’s been reported by numerous sources that Danny Amendola is expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins. BRB, going to go cry now.

Getting Paid What He’s Worth?

Amendola definitely proved his worth this past season. After Edelman went down with a torn ACL, Amendola knew he was going to have to pick up the slack. When I say this guy was clutch, I mean it. He was catching passes for first downs on 3rd and long more than i can count. Oh and when Gronk was double-teamed, who was there to bail out Brady? Amendola. Last season in the last two minutes of (any) half, he recorded 11 receptions for 161 yards at an average of 15 yards and 10 first downs. This is the type of guy you need at the two minute warning if you’re trying to get down the field for a quick score. The Dolphins are definitely looking for a dependable receiver, slot or not, especially with the departure of Jarvis Landry. I hope Amendola gets paid, but the ‘Fins didn’t even want to pay Landry so I don’t know what to expect.

Will We Survive Without Dola?

Everyone, including myself are heartbroken. But let’s be clear, we have enough weapons to make up for the loss. We’ll have Edelman and hopefully Mitchell back healthy; we’ve got Cooks, Hogan, Britt and Gronk. Am I missing anyone? Point is, we’ll be okay. Our usual clutch guy Edelman will be back and ready to roll. Check out his Instagram stories every once in a while. He likes to keep us fans up to date on his progress and let me tell you, he’s looking great.

Thank you Danny, for everything. You will be missed and forever loved. I don’t care where you’ve been or where you go from here because in my eyes you’ll always be Patriot.

Stats: these are some of Amendola’s situational stats from 2017. Found on NFL’s website.


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