The Madness is Real!

If you did a bracket this year like I did, you may or may not be pulling your hair out. It was an exciting first round in NCAA play, no doubt, with a number of surprise upsets and struggles. In case you missed it, let’s highlight some of them:

Surprising Upsets

  • Miami let me down and dropped their match against Loyola-Chicago. Miami had the 1-point lead until Donte Ingram from Loyola hit the buzzer-beater three to win 64-62. Miami’s vice: free throws and turnovers.loyola chicago the ringer
  • Buffalo handled Arizona the way I thought Arizona was going to handle Buffalo. It wasn’t even close, with Buffalo winning 89-68. They shot 55% from the floor and 50% from three. I mean, if you’re going to play a 4-seed, you have no choice but to play this way. Though, quite frankly, Arizona just didn’t show up.

Absolute Thrillers

  • Right out the gate URI and OU blessed us with OT, and URI took the win 83-78. It was definitely a nail biter, with both teams wishing they could have performed better. URI only shot 39% from the floor AND three, but somehow still pulled out the win. I know people were hoping to see Trae Young go a bit longer but let’s be real, OU shouldn’t have made it into the tournament in the first place.
  • Houston beat San Diego State 67-65, but it wasn’t easy. Houston’s Rob Gray had 39 pts and sealed the deal with a layup, leaving just over a second left. SDS almost tied it at the buzzer, but the shot hit the rim with no hopes of getting a friendly bounce. Hard fought game by both; not even mad about this one.rob gray sportingnews

I know I missed some ‘thrillers’ but… you get the picture!

No Surprises, Just Domination

Tennessee, Kansas, Duke, and Villanova won their match ups outright. I think after the second half we knew there was no need to watch. Michigan and Florida kicked it into high gear in the second half, eliminating any chance for their opponents. Not saying these games were boring— it was exciting to see some good defense and efficient shooting. Oh yeah, and they REALLY helped out my bracket. Why bet against Duke or Villanova?

Day two of the madness kicks off today at 12:15 with Providence and Texas A&M starting us off. How will your bracket look at the end of today? Have fun streaming those games in the office, class or on a lunch break! Good luck to the teams and to all my fellow bracket-makers!




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