Sox Drop Season Opener

The Red Sox opened up the season yesterday against the Tampa Bay Rays. They led for much of the game until the bottom of the 8th. Unfortunately they ended up losing 6-4, giving Chris Sale a no decision. Imagine going six innings, striking out nine and not giving up any runs; but it didn’t matter in the end.

Who’s to Blame: Bullpen or Umpires?

Well, quite frankly both. But I want to specify ‘bullpen’ because it was only really one person: Joe Kelly. Kelly came in and only recorded one out, while also walking four straight batters. I mean, that’s a pretty difficult situation to get out of unscathed, so Carson Smith did what he could. BUT… I also said the umpires had a hand didn’t I? Well, when it wasn’t Kelly’s lack of control on his pitches, it was the umpire being stingy with the strikes. Several pitches that would have resulted in strikeouts were called balls, in turn making them walks. Though, we can argue that Kelly could’ve avoided the situation all together had he been able to control his pitches. He said what we were all thinking after the game: pathetic.

Forgotten Gemsgettyimages-9398288621209655445.jpg

There were some great things that happened in that game along with Sale’s performance . For example, Eduardo Nuñez hit an inside the park homerun! I mean, who expects that on opening day?! And Xander Bogaerts went 3-4 with two runs and a couple of doubles. But no one’s talking about it because they’re too busy talking about how the bullpen a.k.a Joe Kelly blew that 4-0 lead. Maybe Kelly did a little too much playing around this Spring? Being a fake reporter and all…

The Sox have three games left in the series. Price goes up against Snell tonght at 7 pm and the Sox are hoping not to drop this one.


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