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J.D. Martinez Officially a Member of the Red Sox

After the struggle to come to an agreement and the long awaited ‘passing of the physical’, J.D. Martinez is now officially a part of the team. I personally thought this deal would NEVER get done, which would have been a shame because we needed a big bat. But Dombrowski came through for us, and with plenty of Spring Training games left.

Getting the Deal Done

Martinez was initially offered $100 million for five years. Then there was a lot of chatter and mixing up of numbers that was immediately shut down by the organization. But any type of deal was looking bleak for a while, and here’s why:

  • Martinez, who initially wanted a seven year deal (and I’m assuming more than $100 million) became agitated. He thought he deserved more, but the Sox wouldn’t budge.
  • Eric Hosmer then received his monster deal from the Padres at $144 million for 8 years. Now, many didn’t believe he deserved a big contract like that, which was why he was sitting there in free agency for so long.

Just looking at stats, the Hosmer deal was kind of a slap in the face. Martinez has been jd 98.5 sports hubmore consistent the past few years, plus he’s coming off of a monster season. Hosmer’s BA has been up and down, with last season not being all that impressive in comparison to Martinez. That’s business for you. But Martinez ended up getting a contract he could get behind (5 yrs/$110 million). No matter what people say, it HAD to be front loaded, along with all the opt out options and limited no trade clause. It’s a nice illusionary tactic. But really, he knew wasn’t going to get a better deal than he got. Not with next year’s free agency pool…(*cough* Bryce Harper *cough*).

Martinez’s Big Bat Dominance

A lot of people I knew didn’t believe we needed this guy. Everyone wanted Stanton, butjd latinoathlete.com he didn’t want us, so it was time to move on. Honestly, Martinez was the next best thing. Just last year he hit 45 HRs, had 104 RBIs, a BA of .303 and an OPS of 1.066 — and that was after being traded midseason. This guy had some solid seasons with Detroit, which was where he really started to come into his own. In three full seasons with them, he recorded 83 HRs, 246 RBIs, batted .301 with an OPS of .899. As long as Martinez can continue to post those Big Papi numbers like he did last season, the Red Sox will be a legitimate threat in the AL again.

I’m looking forward to an exciting season, and hopefully one that doesn’t end with a first round exit in the playoffs. Let’s go Sox Nation!



Quiet Off-Season for the Red Sox

The Red Sox won the East last season but was unfortunately knocked out by the Astros in the first round of the playoffs. But let’s not take away from the season they had, winning 93 games without big bat David Ortiz. It was the season of development, though in the best possible way and with satisfactory results. But knowing they need a big bat and having no movement this offseason, Dave Dombrowski has a few fans scratching their heads.

Keeping up with Our Rivals?

The rival Yankees made a big splash when they went and got NL homerun leader Giancarlo Stanton from the now Jeter-owned Marlins. The Yankees already made it to the ALCS without Stanton, so adding him to the line-up wasn’t going to hurt them one bit. After that blockbuster deal (a.k.a. episode of collusion), everyone was looking to see what the Red Sox were going to do since Dombrowski didn’t even TRY to change Stanton’s mind about Boston. Well, it was quiet on our front and that panicked a lot of Boston fans.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Dombrowski promised us that money wouldn’t be an issue when it came to signing a big bat this off-season. Many were nervous that maybe money wasn’t a factor because he’d be willing to give up a few players, not just cash. There were rumors of maybe signing free agents Eric Hosmer of the Royals or J.D. Martinez of the Diamondbacks. Then Dombrowski announced his goal to sign both, but we only recently heard about a five-year offer to Martinez. There was also a rumor about getting Machado from the Orioles, but I don’t think he would’ve been good in our clubhouse. He’s caused too many headaches for us already as an opponent.

With Spring training around the corner, fans have become disappointed in Dombrowski’s efforts to sign a big bat. The only thing he’s done is resign Mitch Moreland, which confused everyone who thought Hosmer was the off-season target. Oh yeah, and he signed two pitchers to one-year deals. Am I missing something? It’s near impossible considering the radio silence.