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Tensions Brewing in Foxboro

Tom Brady’s health guru Alex Guerrero and Pats head coach Bill Belichick are at odds. According to Bob Hohler’s story for the Boston Globe, Belichick has stripped Guerrero of his special privileges that include sideline access and flying on the team jets. Every organization has its issues, except the Patriots have never allowed theirs to become public. But what makes it even more unsettling is that fact that it involves our favorite head coach and quarterback duo.

Who is Alex Guerrero?

For those who don’t know, Guerrero is Tom Brady’s trainer and business partner. He was introduced to the team years ago by former Patriot Willie McGinest and has been helping members of the team ever since. He became especially involved with Brady’s recovery after his knee injury in 2008, sticking with him throughout the entire process. More recently, they have opened the TB12 Center located at Patriot Place, just a short walk from the facility. Guerrero also assisted Brady in launching his brand and sharing their methods to feeling young and healthy, no matter the age.

Why All the Fuss?

The medical and training staff of the Patriots have been complaining about Guerrero since 2015, according to a report by the Boston Globe. The fact that other players seek help from Guerrero instead has created a very divisive environment, especially since his methods are always in direct conflict to the staff’s. To make matters even worse, he has been in trouble with the FTC and investigated by state regulators regarding physical therapy practice at the TB12 Center. Belichick has decided that he isn’t going to bite his tongue any longer; but why? What REALLY happened that pushed Bill over the edge?

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Now, everyone can be upset at Guerrero if they want. But let’s be clear: his methods work! Brady came back from his knee injury better than ever and he’s still going strong. How many quarterbacks can you say, at 40 years old, looked as great as TB 12 does now? AND can still play another three-five years because he’s in such great shape? NONE. Another miracle Guerrero has been able to work involves our favorite TE Rob Gronkowski. Gronk hasn’t played a full season since his second year in the league, all due to injury. But after his back surgery last year, he started working with Guerrero and boy has it paid off. He’s only missed one game due to injury this season and even then it was just precautionary.

Long Term Effects

While members of the team (except Brady) aren’t allowed to visit Guerrero in his office in Gillette, they are allowed to visit him at the TB12 Center. Many are waiting to see if Brady will push the issue and call for Guerrero’s ‘reinstatement’. But if he does, it could no doubt create a bigger rift between him and Belichick. It’s clear Robert Kraft’s ideology is ‘whatever it takes to keep Brady happy, then so be it’. This must be making Belichick feel like his voice isn’t being heard. Keeping with their philosophy of no distractions, this issue more than likely won’t be addressed until the offseason.

TB 12



Patriots Ride High into Denver

The New England Patriots come off of a bye week to face the Denver Broncos in week 10 of NFL action. The Pats had two uncharacteristic losses occur at home in week 1 against the Chiefs and week 4 against Carolina. But they bounced back after the Carolina loss and won four straight. They are now 6-2 and sit atop the AFC East.

At 40 years old, Tom Brady is proving to us that he’s still got it. Before last night’s Seattle vs. Cardinals game, Brady led the league in passing yards with 2, 541 (R. Wilson now leads by just 2) and continues to lead this team to wins. Although he only has 16 passing TD this season, he has still found a way to bail out the defense when necessary, especially early on in the season. After nearly escaping with a 24-17 win against the Jets in week 6 (due to a controversial overturning of a TD), the defense did a complete 180 in week 7 when they shutout the Falcons for three straight quarters. In the next game against the Chargers, they were able to hold Philip Rivers to just 212 yards. That’s pretty good considering every quarterback they faced in weeks 1-6 threw for over 300 yards.

The Pats should be feeling pretty good about themselves heading into Denver. Although Chris Hogan didn’t practice yesterday (or at all this week for due to his shoulder), they were able to add a familiar face to the roster this week. Martellus Bennet was picked up on waivers after being released by the Packers for not disclosing an injury. It seems he has a torn rotator cuff, but he plans to play through it (I would too if I was reunited with the defending champs).

Denver on the other hand, has been struggling. They lost to the Eagles 51-23 and at one point the Eagles put in their back up QB Foles; that’s how embarrassing the loss was (as if the score wasn’t bad enough). They have lost four straight games and were shutout in one of them. But they have the upper hand against the Pats, who are just 10-21 overall when they have to play in Denver. Brady himself is just 6-6 against Denver while Belichick is 9-13 overall (9-9 with NE).

Oh, but wait! The Patriots are 27-18 when they have to play on Sunday night, with Brady personally owning an 18-10 record. Brock Osweiler will be starting for the Broncos after throwing 2 INTs against Philly. The Pats defense will have to step up with the loss of Hightower, and Dorsett will have to do the same since it’s likely Hogan won’t play Sunday. Osweiler and Denver will continue to struggle while Tom Brady and the Pats will add one to their win column on Sunday.

(Shoutout to the Patriots App for the solid series (Denver/Pats) info!)